Sveta Troitsa Church

Built according to the Turkish standard that churches remain as inconspicuous as possible, visitors descend 4.5 metres before being graced by its museum and artwork.

Sveta Troitsa Church The Underground Cathedral

Not just the oldest church in Ruse, but the oldest fully surviving building in general, Sveta Troitsa Cathedral is one of the most popular city sites due to its ancient history and unique architecture. The cathedral’s 5-bell tower strands 19 metres tall, and was constructed in a hexagonal shape from stones taken from the ruined wall of Ruschushkata fortress. Today, the cathedral boasts a museum exhibition featuring a collection of paintings and murals as well as a number of religious articles including clothing and an original Gospel from the 16th century, in which the construction date of the church is recorded. Don’t be fooled by the cathedral’s relatively simple exterior, it is what lies inside its walls that makes this church a worth-while stop during your travels.

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