A forced labour camp for intellectuals, artists, aristocrats and political enemies of the Nazi Regime, Mauthausen is the Concentration Camp you won't have read about in history books.

Mauthausen Austria's Secret Nazi Death Camp

The last camp to be liberated in 1945, Mauthausen was a 'Grade 3' camp, tasked with the extermination through labour of Germany's political and ideological enemies, both real and imagined. Amongst Nazi officials it was referred to by the nickname 'The Bone Grinder' and inmates were forced to perform heavy manual labour in inhumane conditions. Thousands lost their lives. Mauthausen and its surrounding sub-camps now operate as a museum and memorial to the victims of these heinous crimes, ensuring that their ordeal will not be forgotten. Over 100 original objects are displayed in the museum as well as some 30 video and audio eye-witness testimonies from camp survivors and people who lived in the vicinity of the camp. An important and moving tribute to the brutality and persecution of Hitler's regime, Mauthausen deserves to be recognised alongside the more widely visited camps such as Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Belzec.

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