Until the Thirty Years War Kreuzenstein had never been conquered. It then fell into the hands of the Swedes, who, leaving with a bang, reduced much of it rubble.

Kreuzenstein An Austrian phoenix of a castle.

Kreuzenstein was rebuilt in the late 19th century by Count Johann Wilczek in a completely different style but incorporating parts of its Romanesque-Gothic ruins and importing medieval furnishings and artifacts from all over Europe. Although the discerning eye can 'see the join' between the medieval and 19th century additions, Kreuzenstein is a wonderfully absorbing place to visit. The Armoury consists of one of the largest private collections of weapons in Austria, while the Chapel is a magnificent example of medieval craftsmanship. Perhaps the most impressive element being the Gothic altarpiece made from 47 original 15th century wooden shields and plates. The Knights' Hall, with its furniture and tapestries gives an intimate sense of the daily life of the men in shining armour during their golden age, and even more so the Prince's Room with its 500-year old bed complete with 'dream-board' for recording dreams and secret compartment for stashing jewels.

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