Bad Ischl

The picturesque spa town of Bad Ischl was the summer residence of Emperor Franz Josef, whose actions led to the start of the First World War.

Bad IschlA town fit for an emperor

Franz Josef loved the town so much that he visited it every year for 60 years until his death and Bad Ischl quickly became known as the ‘Vienna of the Lakes’, given that the town sits on the riverside close to the beautiful Mount Katrin. What sets Bad Ischl apart from many other Austrian towns is that the presence of the emperor can still be felt today. Reminders are everywhere, from the portraits adorning buildings, the statue of the emperor and the Viennese-style coffee houses where among the delicious chocolate cake and coffee, photographs of the emperor and his wife abound along with those of the other European royals who would often visit. The ambience coupled with the classical, colorful and graceful architecture of the town still evokes a feel of an imperial age, which in its own unique way, still leaves a lasting impression on all those who stop by this historic spa town.

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