The quintessential Algarvian village, the whitewashed buildings that line the narrow streets offer some of the finest examples of traditional Moorish chimneys.


Nestled among the Algarvian hills, the flower-filled streets, whitewashed buildings, and traditional water taps and streams of this quaint village offer a glimpse of authentic Portugal. Dating back to Roman times, the Arab occupation of the Iberian Peninsula left its mark on the village as can be seen by the filigreed chimneys that adorn the houses. In the village centre is the 13th century church dating from the 13th century, complete with painted tiles and some very special hand painted pieces dating from the 16th century. If you need to take a break from walking, the town’s Fonte Grande passes is a large waterway that feeds the 13th century watermill, and is a popular picnic place for locals.

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