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From TurinA city royal in every way

Torino possess entertainment and pleasure for everyone. From the many trendy cafes to exquisite art galleries, Torino is full of passion. Its rich history is displayed in the diverse architecture that is scattered all over the city. The Winter Olympics of 2006 helped spark the city to revitalize its image and kickstart its love of art and architecture into the 21st century. Even a walk through the chic tree-lined streets toward the bridge of Emmanuel Vittorio is sure to wow the senses as you take in the atmosphere. The Egyptian Museum of Turin also has the largest collection of Egyptian art outside Egypt acquired by Napoleon. Take some time to grab a gelato whilst in Piazza Castello and take a tour of the National Museum of Cinema in Turin!

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Museum of Contemporary Art Rivoli

The Art of Luxury


Prince Charming

Sacra di San Michele

Death and Beauty

Fort of Exilles

Battle for Dominance

Fortress of Miolans

Bastille of the Alps

Fort du Saint-Eynard

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