Pilsen to Regensburg

The UNESCO-listed Old Town of this sleepy riverside city is the largest north of the Alps, and home to the world's longest continuously operating eatery.

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First mentioned in the 10th century, Pilsen has been one of the most important cities in the Czech Republic since being named a 'Royal City' in 1295. However, the city's claim to international fame came in 1842 when Bavarian brewer Josef Groll created the world’s first blond lager: Pilsner Urquell. Today, the factory attracts visitors from around the world who want to see how it's made, and drink from the frothy source. The tour ends with a sample of unfiltered beer in the cool cellars. While Pilsen is best known for its lager, as a 1000-year-old city, it has its fair share of historic landmarks. The 14th century Cathedral of St. Bartholomew has the tallest church tower in the Czech Republic, and unlike most churches in Europe, remains essentially unchanged. Pilsen's Republic Square was once the largest in Europe, and the many Baroque and Renaissance style buildings that line it make for a perfect backdrop to sit and sip a Pilsner Urquell. If, however, you're looking for an under-the-radar activity, join the hour-long tour of the Pilsen underground - a network of tunnels dating back to the 14th century that played a key part in the city’s history.

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To Regensburg A Taste of History

Dating back to pre-Roman times, Regensburg was one of the most important cities in the region for centuries, sitting on key trade routes, and serving as the starting point of Christianization of the Czechs. Reminders of the city's medieval golden days abound in the UNESCO-listed Old Town. Covering nearly 200 hectares and 1500 buildings, the historic city center is reached by crossing the 13th century stone bridge that made Regensburg wealthy. Near the foot of the bridge you'll find one of the city's most unassuming but important landmarks: the Sausage Kitchen, which has been serving its signature wursts and mustard since 1146. Nearby, St. Peter's Cathedral is considered the premier Gothic monument in Bavaria, famed for both its architecture and the heavenly voices of its Boys' Choir. Meander through the picturesque Old Town for a few minutes, and you'll reach the Thurn und Taxis Castle. A 13th century Benedictine monastery that was converted into a residential palace, it's bigger than Buckingham Palace, and offers a unique blend of architectural styles, such as the 11th century Basilica with a lavish Rococo makeover.

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