Parma to Varenna

A perfect destination with sublime weather, Varenna is a village along Lake Como with relaxation as its number one promise.

From ParmaParmesan, Prosciutto, and Pasta

One of Italy’s most prosperous cities, Parma was founded by the Romans in 183 BC. The distinguished city has many important art galleries, museums, old churches and buildings to explore in this compact city. Three delectable foods are associated with the city of Parma: parmesan cheese, prosciutto, and handmade pasta. This, of course, means that there’s also a wide range of restaurants serving local delicious cuisine to choose from. In the heart of Parma lies its cathedral square, Piazza Duomo, with its attractive cobblestone. Located within the piazza is the renowned city cathedral. This 13th century cathedral is a prominent example of Romanesque style of the Po Valley. Another notable attraction located in the heart of town is the baptistery, or Battistero. This striking octagon-shaped building dates back to the 12th century and features pink Verona marble decorated with medieval carvings. Inside, many colorful frescoes are waiting to be discovered. Sample some parmesan cheese and prosciutto as you make your way through this colorful city.

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The Big Cheese

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Ponte Coperto

Deal With the Devil

Pavia Monastery

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Basilica of San Pietro and San Paolo of Agliate

Preserving the Middle Ages

To Varenna Lakefront for the wealthy

This jewel on the waterfront is in the perfect location to hop on a ferry and enjoy all of the views along Lake Como's coast. Its close proximity to the Alps and Mediterranean-like climate offers plenty of activities and a perfect temperatures all year round. Some of the alleys in Varenna are very steep, but with steep hills come breathtaking views. To catch a glimpse of some Gothic and Renaissance architecture, venture to the center of town and peer at the home of the Church of San Giorgio. Varenna is also home to an old monastery, a museum holding four centuries of history, and a botanical garden. A quick stop in Varenna has much to offer.

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