Paris to Verdun

Through remembering the infamous World War I battle, this ancient town has become the world center for peace.

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To Verdun War and Peace

First occupied by Celtic tribesmen around 450 BC, they named the site Virodunum, or ‘Strong Fortress’. Throughout its history, the city was hotly-contested, with several confrontations between French and German forces occurring. In the 17th century, the city was fortified by Vauban, and became increasingly militarized through the 19th century. By the outbreak of the eponymous battle, it had perhaps the most advanced fortifications system in France. Today, the town is the epicenter for War Memorials, with Douaumont Ossuary and Fort, Fort Vaux, the Sacred Way, Souville Fort, Thiaumont Fortress, and the city's underground citadel all standing to help visitors understand the War. In the citadel, the miles of tunnels where the soldiers lived now have recreations of scenes from everyday life during the battle. But Verdun also has a rich urban heritage, such as one of Europe’s oldest cathedrals, and an impressive art and history museum housed in the 16th-century Princerie mansion.

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