Paris-Charles De Gaulle to Chur

Settled for 5000 years, this ancient alpine crossroad’s car-free Old Town is full of quiet streets and scenic squares.

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To Chur Switzerland's Oldest Town

Dating back to around 3500 BC, Chur’s location made it a prime target for invasion, with the Romans, Ostrogoths, Francs, Magyars, Saracens, and Holy Roman Empire all having controlled it at one point. The town also has been particularly prone to fire, having had several major fires over the years, on of which burnt down everything but a church and bishop’s residence. The city’s long history offers a unique mixture of ancient and contemporary. The scenic old town, with its car-free cobbled streets, gives visitors a taste of traditional Swiss architecture. Parts of the cathedral date back to the 5th century, while most of the structure is from the 12th century. The Church of St. Luzi was first mentioned in 821 when the relics of St. Luzius were removed from the church. Or experience Swiss modernity in the Giger Bar, designed by H. R. Giger himself, or cubist art gallery.

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