Palermo to Mount Etna

Europe’s largest and most active volcano is a UNESCO-listed wonderland for nature lovers.

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To Mount Etna The Monster of Mountains

At 3329 meters high, Mt. Etna is the largest mountain south of the Alps, not to mention the largest volcano in Europe, and one of the most active in the world. While the near constant activity has devastated the surrounding settlements over the centuries, it’s also created fertile, soil in which vineyards and orchards thrive. The mountain is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its surreal and varied landscape, and the invaluable scientific information it provides. Nature lovers can experience otherworldly deserts of black lava, beech wood forests, lush vineyards, or snow-capped peaks. Get just close enough to marvel at this natural wonder, or hop aboard the funicular (around 16.00€ p.p) to ride partway up the slope. Those with hiking ambitions should add more time to their stop to explore the network of trails and waystations, where you’ll be treated to the volcano’s amazing landscape as well as spectacular views of Sicily and the Mediterranean. Please inform your driver what you’d like to do on your visit. Sometimes it’s even possible to see lava flowing! Please note: the mountain’s altitude makes it quite cold, and as it’s still active, access will sometimes be closed off for public safety.

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