Naples to Positano

With its jumble of pastel-colored houses cascading down a cliff to the sea, it's no wonder this romantic resort town is known as the “postcard of the Amalfi Coast”.

From Naples Pizza, pray, love

Although Naples is one of the oldest cities in Italy with rich history connected to its neighboring hubs Sorrento and Pompeii, it looks quite young. Naples has touches of old architecture and charm but the heart of the city has plenty of high rises, and tall building complexes because it was the most bombed Italian city in World War II. Even with recent rebuilds, Naples has beautiful opera and theatre houses. From the popular film Eat, Pray, Love, Julia Roberts travels to Naples to try some of the original wood fired Neapolitan pizza. Take a visit to the Piazza del Gesu or one of the many popular churches just a stone's throw from the main train station. Naples port is one of the busiest of Italy so be sure to watch all the cruise ships go in and out while you enjoy a gelato on the promenade.

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To Positano The Creme de la Coast

Positano was an important port for the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians, and prospered under the Amalfi Republic during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. However, unlike other nearby towns, Positano wasn't a hot holiday destination for 19th century intellectuals. Rather, it was an essay by John Steinbeck for Harper's Bazaar that brought the poor fishing village to the attention of the world's jet setters. A maze of steep lanes and stairs wind their way past pastel colored houses, cafes, galleries, and upscale boutiques down to Positano's renowned Marina Grande beach. Nearby, is the unmissable Church of Santa Maria Assunta, with its colorful majolica tile dome, lavish Rococo interior, and legendary 13th century Byzantine black Madonna icon.

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