Mystras to Monemvasia

From Mystras Spartan Splendor

The history of Mytras goes back to 1249 when the last Byzantine outpost was conquered by a Frankish prince. He had a fortress built, which was recaptured by the Byzantines. Well positioned, they made it the empire's center in southern Greece. From there, the fortress flourished. It would change rulers on many occasions in the coming centuries until it was finally abandoned in 1834.Today, visitors can admire the surreal views of the surrounding landscape while learning about the structures within the fortress. The stunning Palace of Despots, beautiful Cathedral of Saint Dimitrios, and gorgeous monasteries are all built in the distinct 'Helladic' style, offering a unique opportunity to see this distinctive regional architecture. For more details, please visit:

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Tower of Tzanetakis Lighthouse of Gythio

The Two Towers

Caves of Diros

Floating Underground

To Monemvasia Monemvasia

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