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Spectacularly positioned on a rocky plateau, Ronda is one of Spain’s most scenic, and oldest, towns.

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Founded in by the Tartessians, whose original fortification are still visible in parts of the city’s wall, the town flourished during the ancient age thanks to its wealth of minerals. Frequent pirate attacks from the 15th to 19th centuries prompted the town to construct the watchtowers that still stand today. For much of the modern era, the town was little more than shacks, but thanks to the popularity of the Costa del Sol, it’s grown into a picturesque ‘Pueblo Blanco’, creating a setting befitting its rich history. Now, the city’s famous Burrito Taxis can bring visitors to the unique oval shaped bull-ring, or the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Rock, a 15th century chapel excavated in solid rock. Up the hill, the 16th century Church of the Immaculate Conception was replaced an old mosque, and uses the Mosque's original towers for the church bell.

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Settled in the 9th century BC, Ronda was officially named at city under the reign of Julius Caesar. The scenic setting, and many landmarks made the town popular with the Romantics, attracting the likes of Alexandre Dumas, Ernest Hemingway, and Orson Welles. The 18th century ‘New Bridge’ straddles a 100 meter ravine, and offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. In the city proper, visitors can find one of the country’s oldest bull-fighting rings. The Mondragon palace was originally built in 1314 by the Moorish King Abomelik, and later used as the primary residence for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. Here, a fascinating museum is devoted to Ronda’s rich history houses Roman and Moorish tombs. For a unique view of the city, the stunning Cuenca Gardens follow a series of terraces on the ledges of the Tajo river.

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