Leon to San Sebastian

Grand architecture, and more Michelin star restaurants than anywhere in Europe make this coastal city a feast for the senses.

From Leon High History

Originally a Roman settlement, Leon changed hands several times during the Middle Ages. This ancient capital has been the center of civility for centuries, with 24 kings before its neighbour Castile even had laws. While most of its pre-Reconquest landmarks were destroyed by war, it still delivers a healthy dose of history. The massive Gothic Cathedral, often compared to Chartres, might lack the size of its French counterpart, but its 1,200 square meters of stained glass create a stunning swirl of color unique in Spain. Nearby, the 11th century San Isidoro is built into the old city walls, and set the mold for Northern Spain’s Romanesque aesthetic. Part of the Roman Temple to Mercury it was built on is still preserved behind the basilica. Next to it, the Royal Pantheon and Treasury contain some exceptional 12th century frescoes illustrating New Testament, hunting and pastoral scenes.

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To San Sebastian Star of the Coast

While the area around the city has been settled since 24,000 BC, San Sebastian proper owes its founding to a medieval monastery. Despite its long history, most of what stands today dates from the 19th century or later, thanks to British and Portuguese troops razing the city after retaking it from Napoleonic forces in 1813. Buildings such as the lavish Hotel Maria Cristina and belle époque spa perched over the shoreline make the city a treasure-trove for fans of 19th and early 20th century architecture. The picturesque buildings lining the Parte Vieja, the city’s old town, are home to guesthouses, boutiques, and pintxos (Basque tapas) bars. With more Michelin-star restaurants per capita than anywhere in the world, the city is a culinary treat, and favourite for foodies like Anthony Bourdain.

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