Granada to Fatima

After 3 children had visions of the Virgin Mary, this farm-town transformed into a miraculous mecca.

From GranadaGranada

Inhabited since at least 500 BC, Granada has been the region’s political center for the entirety of recorded history, and has the monuments to prove it. Next to the grand 16th century cathedral, you’ll find the beautiful carved alabaster tombs of Isabella I and Ferdinand II, the monarchs responsible for finally driving the Moors out of Spain, and backing Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the New World. There’s also still vestiges of the city’s Moorish heritage. The Old Town follows their original layout, and there’s some amazingly well preserved monuments including a bathhouse with reclaimed Roman capitals and the Corral del Carbón, a 13th century warehouse and shelter for merchants. To experience the roots of the city’s flamenco tradition, pay a visit to the Sacromonte neighborhood with its 16th century cave dwellings. Granada’s crown jewel, however, is the Alhambra. With its impossibly intricate details, this 14th century fortress-turned-palace is perhaps the single finest piece of Moorish architecture (tickets MUST be purchased in advance at

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To Fatima Portugal’s Holy City

This small agricultural town owes its fame to three shepherd children who, in 1917, saw monthly visions of the Virgin Mary in the Cova da Iria pasture, the last of which brought an estimated 70,000 pilgrims. Today, the site is marked by the Basílica de Fátima, where pilgrims come on the 13th of every month to honor the Virgin and her young visionaries. On the 100th anniversary of the event, Pope Francis canonized 2 of the children who died during the Spanish Flu pandemic. Today the village’s main landmarks revolve around the event, and visiting the Sanctuary built on the site of Cova da Iria, or the homes of the children is an interesting experience even for non-believers.

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