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Pag's accelerating mecca for nightlife could rival Ibiza for their great beaches, open-air clubs, and plethora of music festivals.

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Often dubbed the ‘Paris of the East’, this 2000 year-old city’s long history has left it rich in historic buildings. The most noticeable is Castle Hill, where the Royal Palace, Sándor Palace, and high-Gothic Matthias Church dominate the skyline, offering beautiful architecture and unparalleled views of the city. Budapest’s neo-Gothic Parliament, the largest building in Hungary, allows visitors to book a tour of the interior in advance. Once inside, visitors can oggle at the opulent decor, such as a staircase decorated with 25 kg of gold. Saint Stephen's Basilica, has the Holy Right Hand of the founder of Hungary, King Saint Stephen, on display. No visit to Budapest is complete without a stop at The New York Cafe, considered ‘the most beautiful cafe in the world’, where guests can enjoy a coffee or upscale meal in a breathtaking Rococo hall.

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Plitvice Lakes National Park

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Pearl of the Underground

Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre

An Electrifying Personality

To Pag Revel in Pag Nightlife

In recent years, the development of the island's most popular Northern waterfront town Novalja, has brought in tourists from all over the world to revel in Spring Break and other opportunities for fun. But Pag has more to offer than no rest and non stop partying on the boardwalk. In the South there are plenty of chances to sample some of Pag’s cheese, visit the Simuni Camping villages, and check out Pag's beautiful mountain ridges. Matching the history of many other Croatia towns, Pag was also under the long time rule of the Venetians. In turn, be sure to visit the Basilica of the Assumption of Mary and seek out the famous lacework in the town of Pag.

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