Basel to Dijon

The historic capital of Burgundy is home to a UNESCO-listed medieval town center, and, of course, excellent food and wine.

From Basel Connoisseur of Culture

Settled since antiquity, Basel’s position along the Rhine at the meeting point of the French, German, and Swiss borders solidified its status as an important trade and transportation hub, often making it the site of international peace negotiations and meetings. Today, it’s still retained that station, with visitors flocking from all over the world to attend its ART Basel festival. Home to the country’s highest concentration of museums, visitors have over 40 options, ranging from the world famous Basel Art Museum, to the Museum of Cultures, or the museum devoted to the iron sculptor Jean Tinguely. At the heart of the city’s historic old town, visitors can enjoy the the large market square, faced by the vibrant red sandstone town hall and the late Romanesque-Gothic cathedral.

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To Dijon Medieval Flavor

Inhabited since the Neolithic era, Dijon was rather inconsequential until the 11th century when it became the seat of the Dukes of Burgundy. Over the next four centuries, it developed into a thriving hub of art, learning, and science, not to mention staggering wealth and power. The UNESCO-listed town center is filled with charming half-timbered houses with polychromatic roofs, and impressive reminders of Dijon's Renaissance-era wealth. Visitors can tour the Palais des Ducs de Bourgogne to admire beautiful architecture from the 14th to 18th centuries, as well as the art and artifacts in the exceptional fine arts museum. Those who brave the climb up the "Tour de Philippe le Bon" are rewarded with an impressive view of Dijon. The 13th century Church of Notre Dame, has an unusual flat facade lined with 51 gargoyles. Though Dijon’s imposing Gothic Cathedral is a few hundred years more recent, the crypt is one of France’s oldest Christian sanctuaries still open to the public.

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