Avignon to Bern

The UNESCO protected Old Town of Switzerland’s capital shelters historic architecture, as well as one of Europe’s longest covered shopping promenades.

From Avignon The Siren’s Call

Inhabited since the Neolithic period, this ancient city’s name was recorded for the first time in the 6th century BC when a fortified Greek settlement was built on top of the rocky outcrop overlooking the river. In 1309 Pope Clement V selected the city as his residence, and for the next several decades it would be the capital of all of Christendom, receiving a bounty of rich architecture, including the Palace of the Popes - the largest Gothic palace in Europe. Now a UNESCO site, within the castle’s 18 foot thick walls, visitors can enjoy exploring staterooms, chapels, cloisters, and frescoed papal apartments. The city’s other UNESCO monument is the "Pont d'Avignon", of nursery-rhyme fame, the remains of a 14th century bridge. On top of the UNESCO sites, the city’s bounty of opulent churches, majestic palaces, and scenic streets make it hard for many visitors to pull themselves away.

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To Bern The Arcade Capital

Founded by the Duke of Zähringer in 1191, Bern was made a free imperial city by the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II following the Duke’s death. While the city flourished, a major blaze in 1405 destroyed many of the original wooden buildings. These were gradually replaced by half-timbered houses the characteristic sandstone buildings that still grace the Old Town today. Within the UNESCO Heritage Site, visitors can wander the 6 kilometers of arcades, shopping, or just soaking in the local architecture. Among the many fountains and historic towers is unique, visitors can find an elevated Rose Garden, which sits above the Bear Park, home to the city’s heraldic beast. Bern’s 15th century Gothic cathedral is the tallest in Switzerland, and for those undeterred by hights, a viewing platform in its 101 meter tower offers the best views of the old town.

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