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From Amarante The Village of Love

Settled since the 4th century BC, this picturesque village is nestled in Portugal's verdant wine country. Spanning the river Tâmega is the striking Ponte São Gonçalo bridge. Accreddited to the town's patron saint, Gonçalo, It is reputed to have helped local heroes fend off the French in the early 19th century. St. Gonçalo himself is entombed in the São Gonçalo Church. The interior of this charming 17th century Renaissance church glistens with its gilded baroque altar, pulpits, and organ. Just up the hill is the 18th century Igreja de São Domingos, which practically glows inside thanks to its gilded woodcarving. After touring the town, visitors can sit at one of the many riverfront cafes to enjoy Amarante's famous sweets.

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Church of Valega

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Mountain Market Hub

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