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From Aachen Where emperors and kings were crowned

Built around 800, the cathedral is of global importance in terms of the history of its art and design, and offers an impressive example of church architecture. The cathedral contains the final resting place of Charlemagne and is where German emperors were crowned for over 600 years. The amazing octagonal domed cathedral resembles a crossroads of the times and reflects the different cultures and the evolution of European religion, politics and history. There are many different aspects of the cathedral that are not often seen in any other cathedral built after the thirteenth-century. The relics that are still contained in the cathedral today led to it becoming a major European pilgrimage site while over 30 German kings were crowned there prior to 1531. Few cathedrals in the world are more solemn and majestic than Aachen’s and even fewer make such a deep impression on those who experience this imperial gem.

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