Hugging the shores of Lake Zug, this medieval market town has become a tax haven maintaining its historic landmarks.

Zug Historic Haven

Said to have been founding in the early 13th century by the Counts of Kyburg, archaeological evidence shows the area has been settled since 14,000 BC. It was after World War II that the town lowered its tax rates and became a popular haven for businesses. This influx of well-to-dos has given the town a subtle polish, such as the timbered Art Museum being able to exhibit works by Kandinsky, Mondrian and Eliasson. The town’s historic center has been preserved in all its Gothic glory, with its Late Gothic town hall, erected in 1505, and 16th century church of St. Oswald, with the 52-meter-high Zyt Tower dominating the skyline. Dating back to the town’s founding, the large clock was added in 1574. Right below this is an astronomical clock which indicates the week, the phase of the moon, the month and the leap year.

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