Czech Republic

Zdar nad Sazavou Chateau and Museum

One of the country's most advance museums sheds light on this medieval monastery's rich history and stunning architecture.

Zdar nad Sazavou Chateau and Museum Jewel of Bohemian history

Zdar nad Sazavou monastery was founded in 1252, and has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a collection of simple log structures. Over the centuries, it had to be defended on few occasions, though not always successfully. Today, the monastery's combination of Gothic and Baroque architecture is a gorgeous representation of its rich history. Visitors can enjoy a tour explaining the rich background behind these buildings, while admire both the exteriors and interiors of the monastery. Nearby, the incomparable Museum of the New Generation uses cutting-edge interactive expositions to transport visitors into medieval and renaissance eras and experience the past times in new and different ways.

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