Zagroda Guciow Ethnographic Museum

Named one of the Seven Wonders of Poland, this quaint farm museum also has a unique exhibit dedicated to shooting stars.

Zagroda Guciow Ethnographic MuseumStar of the Farm

Every hour, a guided tour of the Zagroda Guciow Ethnographic Museum brings visitors through a quaint farming village that preserves the region’s traditional way of life. Along with learning about the region’s history and traditions amongst the thatch-roofed buildings, it’s also possible to arrange special exhibitions such as butter making, bread baking, are a cart ride. One of the buildings houses the ‘Falling Stars’ exhibition, which displays meteorites from Mars and the Moon, and even a portion of the internet-famous Chelyabinsk meteor - the largest to fall in over a century. Also on site is a restaurant serving traditional regional food, a key experience for those who really want a taste of the area’s culture.

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