Tucked away in the pleasant countryside south of Dresden, Weesenstein is a majestic site perched on its wooded eyrie above the valley.

WeesensteinGlorious castle overlooking the Müglitz valley

Rebuilt repeatedly over eight centuries the castle's exterior presents a remarkably unified appearance. Though it's been described as a 'fortified curiosity' and the epithet is well-earned as, built from the top down rather than bottom up, the whole place is unexpectedly higgledy-piggledy. Great halls in the attic, stables on the fifth floor, the vault underneath and living quarters one floor lower. The oldest part - the tower – has its foundations five floors above the classical conservatory, built centuries later. Its noble occupiers could never have been bored over the centuries in this unconventional space. Today it feels like an open book of architectural styles ranging from Gothic to Classical. The extremely pretty Castle Chapel mustn't be missed, an outstanding example of the baroque and quite soothing with its warm pinks, blues, and gold ornamentation. The warmth can be further fortified in the Castle Brewery where you can also dine, Saxony style.

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