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This amazing manor is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian-style homes in the Western Hemisphere and singular example of the American Craftsman movement.

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Vikingsholm was built in 1929 by Lora Josephine Knight (a fascinating philanthropist - do look her up) as a summer home. Inspired by the New York home of Lennart Palme, a Swedish architect to whom she was related by marriage, she commissioned him to design a Scandinavian manor for her. The pair visited Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden for inspiration before heading back to begin work in California. The result is one of the most beautiful Scandi-style homes in North America and one of the grandest examples of the American Craftsman movement. The stone walls, wood accents, and sod roof reference everything from viking castles to wooden churches - some sections of the house were even built without nails. Inside you’ll find rare Scandinavian antiques, and anything not antique was custom made to look so. Pay attention to the meticulous stonework, hand-forged metalwork, and wooden beams ending in intricate dragon heads. You have 3 options to reach Vikingsholm. An extremely steep 1 mi trail (from Highway 89), less steep 1.5 mi trail (from Eagle Point Campground campfire center) OR book a boat tour at https://action-watersports.com/activities/vikingsholm-cruise-tour-package/

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