Valley of the Queens

Of the 75 tombs in this royal necropolis, and the countless others in the rest of Egypt, Ramses II’s favorite wife, Nefertari has perhaps the most beautiful.


Between around 1500BC and 1100BC the pharaohs of Egypt had their wives, daughters, and other family members buried in the Valley of the Queens - yes, there are some princes buried here. At least 75 royal tombs were created during this time, though only four are open for viewing. The Tomb of Amenherkhepshef housed the remains of one of the sons of Ramesses III, who was only about nine years old when he died. Its walls are painted with scenes depicting him with his father and the gods Thoth and Ptah. The tomb of Queen Titi is likewise impressive, its walls covered in paintings showing her with the gods Isis, Atum, Thoth and Nephtys. However, the most famous is the tomb of Nefertari, the favorite wife of Ramses II, which opened in 2016. Perhaps the most beautiful in all of Egypt, her tomb is amazingly well preserved, covered from floor-to-ceiling with intricate, colored engravings depicting Nefertari being led by the gods. Please note: an additional ticket (LE1000), is required to visit the Tomb of Nefertari.


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