Urkiola Natural Park

Home to a Basque Goddess, these verdant valleys and soaring peaks are protected for their ecological and mythological importance.

Urkiola Natural Park Mythic Mountains

In 1989, this 5,958 hectare stretch of land was declared a National Park in order to preserve its ecosystem and cultural importance. For centuries, the pre-Christian Basque religion believed their Goddess Mari lived in a cave atop the towering Amboto peak. Today, the Park covers the tallest section of the Aramotz mountain range, which separates the Cantabrian Atlantic basin from the Mediterranean basin. Surrounding the these rugged peaks are surrounded by woods, and riddled with walking trails making it a popular location among climbers and hikers. In the woodlands stands the Sanctuary of St. Anthony. According to legend, if you circle the large stone in front of the Sanctuary three times, soon you will be wed.

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