This archaeological site marks the ceremonial center of the region’s near-indomitable indigenous empire.

TzintzuntzanChampions of the Lake

Tzintzuntzan was first settled around the 12th century, and by the 15th, had grown to become the capital of the region’s most formidable empire. For nearly a century, they held off invasions led by some of the Aztecs’ most notable emperors, and until the arrival of the Spanish in 1520, had never seen a military defeat. After the Conquest, however, their bustling capital of 30,000 was largely abandoned, and was instead used by Vasco de Quiroga as his first base in the region. Today, only the ceremonial center remains of the indigenous city, where 5 stepped pyramids gaze out over Lake Pátzcuaro, while the onsite museum exhibits artefacts uncovered at the site. In the modern town, two churches and a monastery stand as charming reminders of its colonial history. Pay close attention to the monastery’s masonry - much of the stone came from the nearby pyramids, with some engraved with indigenous symbols.

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