Tykocin Castle

This faithfully recreated medieval castle is a little-known but important part in Poland’s rich history.

Tykocin CastleRe-establishing Order

Founded in the 16th century by King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund Augustus, Tykocin castle played an important role in Polish history. Poland’s highest award, the Order of the White Eagle established, and much of the national arsenal was kept here. The site of 4 battles, the castle was ultimately damaged in the 18th century, and left to fall into ruin. During World War I, what little remained was used by the Germans to make roads. In 2002, the castle was rebuilt as it once stood, using historical documents to ensure an accurate recreation. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the castle interior, through the castle’s vaults, halls, and cloisters, where the castle museum and knowledgeable guide will bring the castle’s rich history to life. Afterwards, visitors can enjoy some tradition cuisine at the on-site restaurant.

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