Trani Castle

Over the years, this 13th century fort has transitioned from defensive structure to museum.


Built by Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, in the 13th century, his fortress originally had an ingenious moat that could be filled with sea-water. Famously, Frederick’s son Manfred was wed to Elena Comneno, the daughter of Michael II King of Epirus, here in 1259. With the invention of more advanced firearms, the castle underwent major updates in the 15th century, such as the construction of the lancet embankment. Between 1586 and 1677 it housed the office of the Sacra Regia Udienza, and was a prison from 1860 to 1975. Today, the castle is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, and along with offering great views of the sea, houses a museum and temporary exhibits ranging from torture to modern art.


Local time8:53 PM GMT+1
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