Tororo Rock

A source of pride for the community, this massive natural structure allows even the most amateur explorer a relatively easy hike to the top.


An impressive view awaits those willing to take a march up Tororo Rock, a 18,000 km tall volcano that dominates the landscape. While it may look intimidating the climb itself is perfect for any skill level. The only difficult parts may be the four ladders that are required to climb in some of the steeper parts of the rock but there are guides available at the base who can help along the way. Greenery covers most of the hike, allowing you to experience the natural wonder of the area. Along the way up there are also quite a few caves with quite an interesting history. The caves have ancient rock paintings which are the last remaining testament to the religious significance they once had before Christianity had penetrated this far deep into the African continent. Truly a perfect way to stretch your legs during a long ride, Tororo Rock offers adventure and history surrounded by beautiful wilderness.


Local time12:19 PM GMT+3
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