The Samá Park

One of the best examples of 19th century Romantic gardening, Parc Samà is home to the summer residence of Salvador Samà, Marquis of Marianao.

The Samá Park A Tribute to Beauty

Built in 1881, the park and private botanical gardens are surrounded by vineyards, olive and almond trees, blanketing it in natural serenity. The garden is arranged in three main areas; the French entrance garden, the central Romantic garden, and the poetic back garden. In addition to the well-manicured gardens, visitors cam enjoy the Palace House, Samà’s 1100 square-metre residence with eclectic ornamental details in Baroque and Rococo styles; the lake, canal, and waterfall; the 24-metre Viewpoint Tower, perched atop a lime and pebble crag; the Parrots’ Pavilion; and various 19th-century sculptures and fountains. This 14-hectare park is brimming with symbolism and is a true reflection of the spirit of its owner, as a fusion of styles come together to create a charming and tranquil atmosphere. Operating hours may vary, and tickets can be purchased in advance or at the park’s ticket office.

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