This once humble medieval fishing village has developed into one of the region’s premier beach resorts, allowing visitors their choice of diversion.

Termoli History’s Last Resort

This idyllic stretch of coast has been settled since pre-historic times, and played host to Roman villas, but the first documentation of the city standing today came in the 10th century. For centuries, the town stayed ensconced within its fortified walls. Though it began to decay, it wasn’t until 1770 that the Kings of Naples gave the villagers permission to 1770. Today, the historic old town has been well restored with many houses painted in pleasant pastels. Home to many small squares and tiny alleys, including one of the narrowest in Europe, the central square is home to a 12th century cathedral, which houses the relics of the two city's patron saints.Part of an earlier basilica from the 11th century has been found under the edifice.The promontory’s prominent castle was erected in the 11th century with renovations made under the rule of Frederick II.

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