Tarnowskie Gory Mine

Explore this underground maze and get an authentic glimpse into the life of a 16th-century miner in part of the over 150 km of tunnels.

Tarnowskie Gory MineThe Silver Labyrinth

Once one of the main mining areas in Central Europe, the Historic Silver Mine in Tarnowskie Gory is now an incredibly well-preserved piece of history, and an anchor point on the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The town of Tarnowskie Gory was first established as an independent mining town in 1526 and is now home to the fascinating Historic Silver Mine and Steam Engine Park. Visitors can explore almost 1,800 meters of the adits and galleries left behind after mining activities ceased in 1912, while also learning more about the history of the use of steam engines in the mining industry at the Steam Engine Park. Your tour of the mine will include a 300-meter boat ride through the narrow canals, once used to draw water away from the mine. English tours of the mine are available, with more information on schedules available here: http://www.kopalniasrebra.pl/EN/

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