New Zealand

Tane Mahuta

One of the largest kauri trees in New Zealand, this giant dates back to the birth of the Roman Empire.


Tane Mahuta serves as one of the oldest remains of the ancient subtropical forest that used to cover the entire area, and at 4.4m wide and 51.5 m tall, it's one of the largest in the county. An addition, for those who are interested in Maori mythology, Tane Mahuta directly translates to “Lord of the Forest” and acts as a symbol of growth and life. Many visitors, in fact, are moved emotionally when visiting the site because of not only the sheer vastness of the tree itself, but also of the apparent atmosphere that is created by its surroundings. Unfortunately, Kauris have been depleted by the logging that started back in the 1820s and are also suffering from a disease that continues to endanger their existence. Don’t miss your chance to visit while you can!


CountryNew Zealand
Local time6:40 PM GMT+13
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