Swiss Science Center Technorama

Over 500 experiment stations make this scientific center a fun place for inquisitive minds to expand their knowledge of science, art, and technology.

Swiss Science Center Technorama A Land of Pure Experimentation

Experience science first hand by touching, agitating, and triggering the hundreds of hands on experiment stations spread over this scientific wonderland’s 6,500 square meters. By physically experiencing scientific principles, visitors can expect to get a firmer grasp on phenomena like electricity, magnetism, personal perception, or even mathematics. Lasers help demonstrate the concept of ‘limit values’ from calculus, or iron shavings, choreographed to music, visualize the effects of magnetic fields. In addition to the hands-on exhibitions, visitors can also broaden their horizons through presentations on topics such as gases, the ozone hole, the greenhouse effect, lighting supraconductivity and lasers.

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