Swidnica and Jawor - Churches of Peace

Built in less than a year, these seventeenth-century churches are the largest timber-framed religious buildings in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Swidnica and Jawor - Churches of PeaceChurches unlike any other

Lying close to each other, the towns of Swidnica and Jawor are home to the two remaining Polish Churches of Peace. These unique buildings refer to the Peace of Westphalia in 1648; a treaty that meant protestant churches could only be built from wood, be situated outside the town walls and had to be finished within one year. The interior of the church at Swidnica is richly decorated and contains numerous paintings and unique frescos with wooden galleries, carvings, and ancient pews. Like its counterpart in Swindica, the interior of the church at Jawor tells a different story from its exterior. The church has a capacity of 5,500 worshipers while visitors can marvel at the distinctive Baroque-style paintings on the wooden balconies and ceilings. Both churches are a testament to the artisanship of days gone by — built without nails, cement, stone and iron yet still standing strong hundreds of years later.

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