South Africa

Sudwala Caves

This striking cave complex is believed to be the oldest in the world.


The Sudwala Caves formed around 3 billion years ago when geological stresses cracked the dolomite rocks of the Mankelekele Mountains. Over thousands of years, a slow trickle of water formed a series of passages within the Earth’s second oldest sedimentary rocks. A guided tour brings visitors through 600 meters of passages to admire spacious, well-lit chambers and impressive formations, the centerpiece being the 500-seat ‘Amphitheatre’ chamber. Adventurers can also sign up for the longer ‘crystal tour’, which will have you crawling and squeezing your way 2000 meters into the cave to a chamber filled with aragonite crystals. For more information, please visit


CountrySouth Africa
Local time7:50 AM GMT+2
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