Lying in the alpine foothills of Upper Bavaria, the town of Steingaden is famous for the twelfth-century Wies Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

SteingadenBeauty off the beaten path

The church is built on the spot where, in 1738, tears were allegedly seen on a wooden statue of Jesus near the site. Located in the picturesque countryside, Wies Church may look good on the outside, but that is nothing compared to its mind-blowing beauty on the inside. The church is regarded as the finest example of rococo architecture in Germany today and the colors of the plasterwork in blue and gold and the statues with draperies, which appear to the eye to be actually moving, are magnificent. Weekly masses are still held at the church so it is not just a museum. If ‘over-the-top’ with fresco paintings, stucco works, sculptures, wood carvings and gilded frames from ceiling to window is your thing, then this church will exceed all expectations, just as the architect’s of that time hoped it would. It is elaborate and ornate, but at the same time, stunningly perfect and beautiful.

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