New Zealand

Split Apple Rock

A unique beach attraction, you can wade, kayak, or water taxi to see this granite boulder that has been split by the gods.


This iconic formation is best seen at low tide where you can wade out to the massive rock and view it up close. Legend has it that two gods were fighting over this gem of a boulder, and in order to compromise, the gods used all of their strength to break it in half. Realistically, the granite boulder is suspected to be about 120 million years old, and most likely formed during the Ice Age when liquid seeped into the cracks in the rock, then expanded once the liquid froze. No matter how it was formed, it has become a very popular attraction that has impressed people from all over the world. The large stone is best seen at low tide, or there are water taxis and kayaking tours that will take you to it.


CountryNew Zealand
Local time8:59 AM GMT+13
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