This charming medieval village has preserved its historic stone monuments, and its cultural heritage.

Sorano Set in Stone

Settled by the ancient Etruscans, Sorano flourished in the Middle Ages thanks to its strategic position. At its prime, the village was much larger than it is today, but landslides have diminished the village over time. Today, it’s still dominated by a 14th century fortress, which provides stupendous views of the countryside and stone town below. After exploring the castle’s historic grounds, visitors can step inside for the Museum of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which showcases everything from artwork to torture devices, to pottery from medieval wells. Walking the streets of the old town, visitors are treated to picturesque stone buildings dating back to the 14th century, creating a historic atmosphere to enjoy the town’s traditional cuisine. Of particular note is the ham, which is celebrated every August in the ‘Festival of Ham’.

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