Costa Rica

Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica

Learn about these famously-slow-moving animals at this dedicated rescue center.

Sloth Sanctuary of Costa RicaSlow Love

The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica began in 1992 when three girls brought a baby sloth to the Arroyos - it’s mother had been killed by a car. While they knew nothing about sloth-car (and neither did anybody else), they observed sloths in the wild to see what they eat and how they behave to raise this tiny orphan. Today, Buttercup is the posterchild of the 200+ sloths that are being cared for at the sanctuary, and ideally, released back into the wild. On the ‘Buttercup Tour’ visitors meet Buttercup and other rescued sloths, learn about the perils these animals face, and enjoy a canoe ride through the jungle where you might see sloths in the wild. The "Insider's Tour" (advance booking required) includes adds a behind the scenes look at the NICU, “Slothspital”, climbing area, and other SSCR operations to the Buttercup Tour experience. For more information and to book you tickets, please visit

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