With its glittering skyline, UNESCO-Listed botanical gardens, and unparalleled food-scene, this cityscape is a treat.

Singapore The Garden of Delights

Though it had been settled for centuries, modern Singapore truly began to develop in 1819 when it was made a trading post of the British East India Company. Since then, trade and commerce has been integral to the city-state’s identity, and Singapore is now one of the richest countries in the world. This wealth has given the city a certain sheen, while its multicultural inhabitants add the color. Every neighborhood has its own flair, and most importantly to the food-obsessed Singaporeans - its own flavor. This is a city where your food pictures are just as important as any sightseeing, and thanks to the exceptional public transit system, you can easily experience each meal in a different neighborhood. Singapore isn’t just modern - it’s dedicated to realizing its dream of becoming a ‘City in a Garden’, with an ever-growing number of ‘green’ skyscrapers and public gardens. The UNESCO-listed botanical gardens embody this ideal, and are arguably the best in the world.

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The Garden of Delights

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