South Africa

Sevilla Rock Art Trail

Discover a sampling of the many bushman paintings that dot the area on this easy hike.


The Sevilla Rock Art Trail runs for about 5 kilometers and brings visitors to several sites where 800 to 8000 year old bushman paintings are plain to see. While the trail is clearly marked, be sure to pick up the map and trail brochure before heading setting off on the trail so you get an explanation of what you’re seeing at each site. The zebras, antelope, handprints, human figures, and strange monsters all have some significance that you’ll want to know! Around halfway through the hike is a swimming hole, which makes for a refreshing side-trip on a hot day. Please note - while a relatively easy hike, you’ll still want appropriate footwear.


CountrySouth Africa
Local time3:30 PM GMT+2
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