In a quiet bay protected by cliffs, this fishing village serves up fresh seafood, great views, and an ancient citadel.

SesimbraFish and Cliffs

When Alfonso I, the first king of Portugal, captured a Moorish castle in 1165, he founded the town of Sesimbra on the hilltop overlooking a sheltered bay. While the castle fell back into Moorish hands in 1191, it was recaptured in the 13th century, and donated to the Order of St. James for defence and settlement. It was restored in the 18th century, and is now an essential place to visit for its marvellous view of the town and the sea. The friendly seas offered a bounty of seafood, persuading the population to settle down the hill, turning this town into one of the region's main fishing ports. A popular getaway for the Portuguese, the excellent local cuisine, specialising in shellfish and fresh fish, can’t be missed.

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