This amazing piece of protected forest is one of the best places in the world to see an orangutan in its natural habitat.

Semenggoh Hang with the 'Tans

Founded in 1975, the Semenggoh Nature Reserve has helped prepare orangutans that had been orphaned or rescued from captivity for life in the wild. This fantastically successful program has filled the protected forest around the Center with a thriving population of healthy, breeding orangutans. In fact, the program was so successful that the 653 hectare forest is at its capacity for the endangered primates. While you’re not guaranteed to see an orangutan on your walk through the forest, they often head to the feeding area for an easy meal, and occasionally make their way to the park HQ. For the best chance of seeing a semi-wild orangutan, it’s best to be there for the two feeding times at 9.00-10.00AM and 3.00-4.00PM, and be sure to listen to the park rangers during your visit! For more information, please visit

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