Home to one of the best-preserved Roman forums in the world, this ancient city is where the Muslims began their conquest of North Africa.


Though the region had long been inhabited by nomadic tribes, Sbeitla wasn’t permanently settled until 67 AD, when Emperor Vespasian founded Sufetula. The city’s prosperous olive industry allowed the Romans to erect some splendid monuments before it was occupied by the Vandals. Sufetula prospered again under the Byzantines up until 647 when the invading Muslims won a decisive victory here, which marked the start of their conquest of North Africa. Today, the Roman ruins of Sufetula are some of the most impressive in North Africa, where you’ll find monumental arches, and luxuriant bath complexes alongside Byzantine-era basilicas, with a bounty of in situ mosaics to admire. Sufetula is almost unique in the Roman world in having separate temples dedicated to Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva, rather than one large one dedicated to all three. These temples stand alongside the site’s standout monument: one of the world’s best preserved Roman forums.


Local time7:38 AM GMT+1
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