Sankt Gilgen

When every view feels like it should be on a postcard, it can sometimes be hard to believe that what you see is real.

Sankt Gilgen A village of nature and music

Sankt Gilgen deserves to be on every nature lover and film buff’s to-do list. This is where the iconic opening scenes to ‘The Sound of Music’ were filmed — and who can forget those? The connection with music doesn’t stop there, though. The village is also the birthplace of Mozart’s mother, his grandfather and is where his sister lived following her marriage. Even though he never actually stayed there, the history of picturesque Sankt Gilgen is inextricably connected to Mozart, Austria’s favorite son. The shimmering azure waters of Lake Wolfgangsee provide an ideal location to feel the cool, clean air and to spend a few moments watching the paragliders as they swirl around the mountain peaks before heading off into the clouds. Whether taking the short gondola ride to the mountain top or simply meandering a mountain trail from the village, the views and ambience of Sankt Gilgen present every visitor with an unforgettable mountain paradise.

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