Sanctuary of Gibilmanna

This beautiful Baroque church is filled with artwork inspired by miraculous visions of Mary and Jesus.

Sanctuary of GibilmannaThe Face of Christ

While the origins of the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna have been lost in the annals of history, it’s believed the church was founded as one of the six Benedictine monasteries commissioned by Gregory the Great at the end of the 6th century. Today’s building being erected in the 17th century to replace a 12th century structure, of which a Byzantine fresco depicting the Madonna with Child, a statue of the Virgin, and a Crucifix have been preserved. The church houses several works of art tied to visions and miracles, such as a statue of the Virgin and Child that was rescued from a shipwreck thanks to a vision, and a painting of Christ made after the priest saw Jesus’ face in the sacramental bread. However, the most extravagant piece is the Baroque altarpiece, which is literally crowned with gold sent by the Pope.

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